Evey Huang 黄 嘉馨

Hi, I am a second year PhD student in Technology and Social Behavior, a joint program between the Computer Science and Communication departments at Northwestern University and am a research assistant in the Delta Lab with Professor Liz Gerber and Professor Matt Easterday

My research interests lie at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Machine Learning, and Design. Currently I am studying how to design human-AI systems to support feedback in ill-defined domains. Specifically, I am working on designing a human-AI system to support teacher trainers in providing frequent, high quality feedback to teachers as teachers improve their teaching.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with training in quantitative methods, computer science, and design. During my time there I contributed to various projects as a data scientist. I also worked at the Hybrid Ecologies lab with Professor Eric Paulos and contributed to a project on teaching machines creative intelligence and building an interface for human to interact with literary style. This project has led to a recent publication at CHI 2020. 

Before coming to Northwestern, I worked as a full-time research intern advised by Professor Juho Kim at KIXLAB in South Korea for one year where I led a research project on building an organic crowdsourcing system to combat misinformation, and contributed to a project on bringing context into emoji recommendations. 

Outside of school and research, I am obsessed with film photography, music, plants, and cooking. Here is a playlist I made recently that I have really been enjoying listening to while I work.

Contact:  eveyhuang@u.northwestern.edu
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