Evey Huang 黄 嘉馨
I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors degree and a certificate in Design Innovation. 

Currently I am working as a research intern advised by Professor Juho Kim at KIXLAB in South Korea.
Before coming to KAIST, I  worked as a research assistant for a year at the Hybrid Ecologies Lab  with Ph.D. student Sarah Sterman and Professor Eric Paulos
Even before that, I worked for 6 months with the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS), advised by research scientist Garret Christensen and Professor Edward Miguels

I am interested in Human Computer Interaction research, more specifically, My research interests include social computing, creativity support and technologically mediated collaboration or communication. 
Currently, I am particularly interested in designing and building either computer systems, or physical devices, or public installations to facilitate cooperations and communications between persons.

Contact:  jiaxinh.evey <at> gmail.com

Research Publications:
Interacting with Literary Style through Computation Tools (CHI'19 in review)
Sarah Sterman, Evey Huang, Vivian Liu, and Eric Paulos.

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